Emily Ong

Artist Research Booklet

Typography research project that discovers an artist’s lifetime. YSDN Type 1, 2017.

The artist I chose for this project was Diane Arbus, a portrait photographer who was based in New York City. As someone who enjoys portrait photography, the way she captured strangers in such a casual or seemingly nonchalant made me think about the relationship between a photographer and their subject as a strong momentary bond, which I find gives more meaning to portrait photography.

Her style is very eerie and I wanted to emulate her style through my booklet by arranging the content in odd ways such as splitting photos and having the subjects’ heads on different pages to create that sense of discomfort. I also aimed to choose unsettling photos that could potentially spark unease in viewers. The typeface and colours I used for titles complements and brings warmth to the mood of the booklet.