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Hey, I’m Emily 😊
Thanks for peeping my portfolio 🌞

I’m currently based in Toronto, in my fourth year at York University/Sheridan College for their joint program in Design. I’m particularly interested in designing for the entertainment, social, and e-commerce industries! As a designer, I’m constantly learning about how to solve challenges through the power of technology to make people’s lives easier and hopefully livelier, while also considering the visual side of things.
Looking for product design internship opportunities for Summer 2021. I’m open to relocating to anywhere in Canada and the U.S. (if Covid-19 permits).

I’m always open to chat! Send that email or message me on LinkedIn 😉

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Here’s a snap of me in front of the “Great Ocean Road” sign in Australia. I promise I’m not one of those people who are never stop talking about their time studying abroad 😅

Fun fact about me!

When I was younger, I had both a Christmas tree and a “Happy Birthday” sign up for around 5 years. I’m not sure why nobody bothered to take them down. Guests would ask, “Who’s birthday is it??” or “You celebrate Christmas year-round?”

More about me! 

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My conversation starters

  • How late 90s/early 2000s R&B could never disappoint
  • Your sneaker collection (I’m always looking for recommendations)
  • How I could contribute to your team 😊

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